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Below you will find links to CHW educational resources. We will continue to add more resources as we become aware of them. Community Health Workers in Virginia that are re-certifying should make sure that any continuing education they receive through online or other sources provide the necessary confirmation that the program was completed and indicate the number of educational hours provided by the program or course. 

Listing of resources does not imply endorsement by the Virginia CHW Workforce Development Council.



Click on the graph image to go to CHW research articles that describe the efficacy and Return-on-Investment (ROI) of using CHWs.

Video Resources for Foundations for Community Health Workers - Timothy Berthold (editor) May 2016

"Foundation for Community Health Workers, 2nd Edition provides a practical and comprehensive introduction to essential skills for CHWs." Companion videos cover a range of CHW skills and situations encountered by CHWs.

Opioid Education Series for Community Health Workers

AHEConnect (NC) accredited and free online series of educational programs. Requires sign-up.

New England Public Health Training Center

NEPHTC  supports in-person and online training for Community Health Workers.

MCD Public Health Training for CHWs

COVID-19 training module is free. Click on red banner once you access the site to register. Other chronic conditions education modules have fees.

Virginia Center for Diabetes Prevention & Education Videos

The Center, located at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, has several videos on diet, physical activity, self-efficacy and strategies to reach the Hispanic community.

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