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Patrice Shelton is the founder and Executive Director of Hillside Court Partnership,
Certified Community Health Worker Senior for Virginia Department of
Health/Richmond Henrico Health District. She has launched more than 14 groups
and teams in Hillside. She has help the community members to know their worth
and rights one at a time. She graduated from Louisa County High School June
1991. Ms. Shelton worked at Walmart from 1992 to 2008 in Management and
Billing. She lived in Hillside Court 2010 -2021 where she does her community work
today. Ms. Shelton was able to get her community rezoned to the
Bellemeade/Oak Grove Elementary School thru City Council meetings and
engaging the community members. She has partnered with Shalom Farms and
Feed More to bring food to the community for free and low cost since 2011.
Patrice has supported her youth in the community to start a Community Garden.
She is seated on the Board of Commissioner for RRHA, Maggie L. Walker Poverty
Board, Co-Chair of the CHW Development Council, RVA Thrives (Community
Voices), and Central VA Legal Aid Society Board Secretary, a member of the
VACHWA, NACHW, and National Low Income Housing Coalition. She was also a
fellow for RMHF 3/2018 to 2/2019. She is a former Board Member of the
following, Hillside Court Resident/Tenant Council President, and the Former Vice
President for Richmond Tenant Organization (RTO), Legal Aid Justice Center, and
Former President of the Central VA Legal Aid Society Client Council.


Stephanie Toney is an ambitious and confident leader at CHW Strength. She is
responsible for innovatively motivating and empowering Community Health Workers
(CHWs) as the team provides public health services in communities. She successfully
fosters relationships with community partners and collaborates with local/statewide
task forces to address social determinants of health.
Enthusiastically, Stephanie Toney continues towards 22 years of experience as a nurse
and 11 years in public health. Through teamwork, she continues to add diversity to her
work experience from the acute care settings within a variety of hospitals in Virginia,
Maryland, and California to her holistic preventive care nursing in public health. With
her genuine compassionate leadership, she continues to motivate the team to learn
and grow in diverse public health careers.

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