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Virginia CHW Workforce Development Council

Image by Hannah Busing

The Goal of the Virginia CHW Workforce Development Council is to "Identify and promote policy and systems level strategies to advance and sustain the Community Health Worker workforce in Virginia." Council representatives include CHWs, Non-profit organizations, third-party insurers, community based non-profits, foundations, academic institutions and other entities that support access to health care for vulnerable population groups. Through three Council Committees, the CHW Committee on Curriculum, Training and Certification, the Committee on Financing, Measurement and Evaluation, and the CHW Committee on Policy and Communication (scroll down page).

Committee on Curriculum, Training and Certification

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The Committee supports the Development Council and other key stakeholders by:


  • Establishing clear, consensus-based, and data-driven recommendations on best-practice training, curriculum, and certification guidelines for the Commissioner of Health;

  • Assuring diverse and meaningful stakeholder engagement on advancing community health worker training, education, and certification;

  • Engaging necessary stakeholders and audiences for improving CHW training, education, and certification;

  • Providing audience-specific talking points on Committee recommendations.; and

  • Developing ongoing and standardized processes and procedures for CHW curriculum, training, and certification development, recertification, continuing education, potential reciprocity, evaluation, approval, and oversight.

Committee on Financing, Measurement, and Evaluation


The Committee documents and promotes CHW models that can qualify for reimbursement through third-party payers and/or direct hiring; and ensure that the models have clearly defined outcomes that lead to evaluation of their efficacy in achieving program outcomes and document their return on investment. Expected Committee activities include:


  • Engaging partners to promote or sponsor changes within the health care payment system to increase utilization of and financial sustainability of CHWs;

  •  Advocating for CHW workforce development and utilization within their organization (if applicable), and in the broader health and public policy arenas;

  • Identifying sustainable health payment systems;

  • Exploring innovative funding models for CHWs (e.g. pay-for-performance, CHW cooperative);

  • Assessing and recommend performance measures within stakeholder and employer goals for CHWs.

Committee on Policy and Communication

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The Committee will assist in shaping policy to create an environment that supports workforce development for all Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the Commonwealth of Virginia by advising Virginia Department of Health and other stakeholders on legislation and other policies that support certification and CHW sustainability. Develop communication strategies that build partnerships, educate potential stakeholders, and engage communities. Expected Committee outcomes include:


  • Propose and review legislative language from VDH to the Virginia General Assembly to support certification and CHW sustainability;

  • Identify and address legislative and health system policy priorities;

  • Increase awareness of the value of CHWs and best practices for their utilization among potential employers and other stakeholders;

  • Enhance awareness among CHWs regarding their profession, opportunities for training, requirements for certification, and purpose of the Virginia CHW Association.

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