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Policy Evidence Assessment Report: CHW Policy Components [go to the article]

The CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention issued report "to inform researchers, evaluators, and practitioners about the strengths and limitations of the evidence bases for individual components of chronic disease policy interventions. These reports can be used during consideration of policy options to improve chronic disease outcomes, as well as to understand how enacted state laws incorporate evidence-based policy." [2020]


Advancing CHW Engagement in COVID-19 Response Strategies: A Playbook for Local Health Department Strategies [go to the article]

"The... playbook serves to facilitate both the conceptualization and operationalization of CHW engagement. It is intended to be used by LHD decision-makers who may wish to begin or deepen engagement with CHWs in their local COVID-19 response strategy but do not have a clear vision for what that engagement should look like or how to achieve it." [September 2020]

Training and Supporting Community Health Workers and Promotores: Lessons for California and Other States 

[go to the article]

The Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc. with support from the California Health Foundation has summarized issues and policies that help build and promote the employment and deployment of CHWs. [August 2020]

Community Health Workers: Evidence of Their Effectiveness [go to the article]

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and the National Association of Community Health Workers recently published a summary of the research examining community health workers over the past fifty years. This research has focused on assessing their effectiveness in improving health outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and bridging the gap in health disparities. [March 2020]

​​American Journal of Public Health - Characterizing Community Health Workers on Research Teams: Results From the Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities [go to the article]

"Our experience suggests national benefit in supporting greater efforts to recruit, retain, and support the work of CHWs in community-engagement research." [2016]

​​Health Affairs - Evidence-Based Community Health Worker Program Addresses Unmet Social Needs and Generates Positive Return on Investment [go the article 

New research from the University of Pennsylvania finds that CHWs addressing unmet social needs of disadvantaged persons returned $2.47 for every $1 invested. [February 2020] 

​​MedStar Research Institute - Alternative Staffing Models to Improve Care for Complex Patients in their Homes and other Settings: Early Findings from the Transforming Complex Care Initiative [go the article] 

"Medically and socially complex patients account for a disproportionate amount of healthcare spending, which has created a need for improved approaches to care management for these patients. This study analyzes three complex care programs in South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin that use non-traditional workforce to extend the reach of their clinics to better engage complex patients in their homes, at medical appointments, and other community locations." [March 2019]
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