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The Virginia CHW Workforce Development Council convenes CHWs, CHW program representatives and stakeholders who support CHW practice and the expansion of CHW programs across Virginia. 

This website is designed as a resource to support the engagement of CHWs, CHW programs, healthcare organizations, and communities to ensure a diversity of voices set priorities and direction in policy, promotion, and sustainability of CHW programs​ across the commonwealth.

Learn about the role of Community Health Workers in diabetes prevention and management


A series of three engaging webinars addressing health equity and diabetes, the impact of social determinants of health on diabetes health disparities, and how to build and finance a diabetes prevention and management program integrating CHWs. You can access the archived recordings HERE.

About CHW Certification and Providing CHW Education



The Virginia Certification Board (VCB) has information on how to become a certified Community Health Worker in Virginia. Organizations that wish to provide education and training approved for CHW core competencies should also contact the VCB. Click the button below and choose Community Health Worker from the list of professions.

Council and Committee Meetings


Meeting schedules, materials and summaries of Council Meetings and the Council's three committees; Curriculum, Training, and Certification; Financing Measurement and Evaluation; and Policy and Communication

CHW Education
& Library

Educational resources for CHWs, programs interested in employing CHWs and research articles that describe how CHWs are a vital profession within the health care workforce.

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